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The cliché, ‘today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens’, ought to be rephrased to suit the present day requisites. The revised adaptation would say, ‘today’s children are tomorrow’s global citizens’. Parents of today look beyond the frontiers of the native state and even the country. They yearn for their children to grow into not just national but global players, personally and professionally.

An Indian global professional is not one who makes a career abroad but one who carves a niche globally and evolves skills that can be applied in any part of the world. The speculation is that the future belongs to India and the Indian professional. And a professional’s first baby step is in academics, and begins with education at school. It, therefore, becomes pertinent that the first step into nursery and thereafter at the primary and the secondary school levels be planned to flawless precision and perfection. The scholastic environs that the future professional steps into ought to be established and must offer futuristic infrastructure and logistics that contribute to the holistic evolution of the future global player.


Careers can sometimes demand a strong personality with impeccable conduct and bearing. The primary students of International Olympiad School are groomed early in life-skills and speech orientation that support the personality as they grow. The purpose behind training the students in these areas is to iron out the weak links if any that could turn out to be stumbling blocks in career growth at a later stage. In fact the objective of International Olympiad Schools is to not just make students excel in their future professional or vocational careers, but to also make them good human beings and global Indians.

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